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Reading, feel good
      Books are the ladder of human progress", this is a famous saying of golgi, we should be no one know no one knows all. Some people think that reading is a distress thing, but I'm not, I think reading is very happy, and feel good.
      One Saturday morning, I got up early, take a book from a bookcase the submarine two miles ". Read with relish, unconsciously followed the author came to the sea world, adventure together with him. Under the force of the submarine huge propeller, we across the Pacific, Atlantic ocean, Indian Ocean, and finally arrived in Antarctica. When we want to return, I heard someone Shouting. I thought the author, a turn back in the real world, was originally called my mom to eat breakfast, my fascination with books too. After breakfast, I picked up his book again. Follow the author through the English channel, came to the world's lowest place of the mariana trench. Captain finally because of waterspouts and lost contact, back to the real life.
       Reading let me understand a lot of truth, a lot of knowledge, it's nice to read.