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How to Treat the Internet Trend
        As the development of Internet, people can have access to the instant news immediately, at the same time, people’s private life has been exaggerated. Once if they are pictured and the photos delivered on the Internet, they will become the hot issue any time. More and more people will be interested in photos, more private information will be exposed. Everyone is curious about the Internet trend, while we must be wise.
        Since the coming of the Internet, no one will deny that Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the 20thcentury, computer brings life convenience, people can share information with each other. Now Internet can make a common people famous quickly, as long as they have something with amusement. In 2011, there was a homeless man in the street, he looked different from the average homeless people, his clothes seemed kind of fashionable, he was pictured and his photo was uploaded on the Internet. People soon paid attention to him, naming him Brother Sharp. The guy turned out to be getting lost with his family, the good news is that he gets reunion with his family, the bad news is that some media interrupt his life.
        The Internet trend is like the wind, come fast and goes fast, too. People should be wise to it, never chase for it blindly, at the same time, we should judge what is right and wrong.